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Campaign Research 101

…strategic choices and put strategy into action. Reading research accurately and using it to develop actionable strategy is a learned skill. Ask your researchers to help you make sense of…

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Power and Power Mapping: Start Here

…Hunter, Strategy and Soul, p184. Moving the rock: Shifting power for sustained change This article explores the ‘moving the rock’ concept put forward by Daniel Hunter in his book Strategy

Fundraising Strategy and Planning

Developing a Fundraising Strategy This article was originally published on the Funding Centre site please check the original sources (Developing a Fundraising Strategy and The fundraising action plan: seven steps…

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Building Digital Power: A playbook for changemakers

Digital strategy insights and tips for not for profits focused on people and relationships. The author, Karen Nilsen, has helped several advocacy organisations solve digital challenges. She built the digital…

5 tools to plan your campaign strategy

Introduction The 5 tools come from The Campaign Accelerator Toolkit by MobLab which blends high-performing campaign strategy tools with proven methods inspired by design thinking. It is a practical guide…

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Democracy Resource Hub

…Ganz Re:Imagining Change: How to use story-based strategy to win campaigns, build movements, and change the world Story Based Strategy 101 Framing Issues for Social Justice Impact: Directory of Messaging…

4 handouts by Campaign Bootcamp

Campaign Planning: How to Get Started

…with your campaign planning. Campaign Strategy: An Introduction A 3 page handout about the basics of campaign strategy. Campaign Planner Handout This handout allows participants to map out their entire…

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What Works to Increase Charitable Donations?

…increase donations Matching donations There was no significant increase in donations when people were told that their donations would be matched. ‘Door-in-the-face’ strategy This strategy is used when someone initially…

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Home Grown: Mapping Australian Organising Models

…and then back to our grassroots again. In 2015 following the appointment of our CEO Kelly O’Shanassy, community organising became a central pillar of ACF’s change strategy. While we have…

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