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How to cut the issue into bite sized chunks

A process guide to be used in training workshops and planning sessions to develop campaign strategy. A printer friendly PDF can be downloaded from the box at the bottom of…

Four Stages of Climate Action Framework

…can be used to guide strategy. There are a number of observable pre-conditions for shifting an institution from one stage to another (outlined below), these can help focus campaign strategies….

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What’s New in the Commons Library

…about Sensitive Topics Campaign Strategy: Start Here Power and Power Mapping: Start Here Power Mapping to Design a Winning Campaign Strategy Pillars of Power Analysis: Identify the Institutions Legal Guides…

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Digital Transformation in Progressive Organisations

…Madeleine Holme (Reveille Strategy) and Jack Milroy (Defiance). They each shared about their innovation portfolio, and the wins, failures and lessons they have to share for other organisations trying to…

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What Makes a Brilliant Advocacy Strategy?

…CEO Olly Buston about the key elements of a strong advocacy strategy. It originally appeared on Bond and is republished here with permission. It doesn’t take long reading the morning…

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Mass organising calls and webinars

…but to recruit people to play key roles in local organising. Scripts should be focused to that end. Explain your strategy clearly. The strategy does not need to be over-simplified…

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Resistance Guide: How to Sustain the Movement to Win

strategy Beyond Indivisible — a comprehensive strategy Beyond resistance — creating transformative change together CHAPTER ONE: THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL MOVEMENTS – 19 The history of social movements teaches us…

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Campaign Scoping Template

…Reece Proudfoot’s Log Frame Matrix. Download Resource Google Document PDF Explore Further Campaign Strategy: Start Here Campaign Strategy Planning Template Campaign Planning: How to Get Started Campaign Research 101  …

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The Campaign Canvas

Introduction From vision and strategy to storytelling and metrics, the canvas ensures you’ve touched on all the essentials of an effective campaign. Inspired by the Business Model Canvas, working through…

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