Organising Models Mapping Project

Organising Models Mapping Project

The Organising Models Mapping Project, run by the Commons Library and Australian Progress, explores different organising models being utilised in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. The project includes a survey completed by 24 organisations in 2022. You’ll find articles based on the analysis of the survey results here.

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The Shape of Organising Models

Organising Models Mapping Project survey results including images conveying how different organisations structure their organising model.

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People Within Organising Models

Results of the Organising Models Mapping Project survey focused on how people gather to take collective action as part of organising programs.

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Home Grown: Mapping Australian Organising Models

A new research project to map organising models in Australia, with examples from three organisations: Australian Conservation Foundation, Results Australia, and Amnesty International Australia. Presented at FWD+Organise 2021.

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