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Online Progressive Engagement Network (OPEN)

Online Progressive Engagement Network (OPEN)

The Online Progressive Engagement Network is a network of nearly 20 digital campaigning organisations around the world, including MoveOn (the US), Campact (Germany), and GetUp! (Australia). Each OPEN member organisation is an independent group working within its national context, enabling its members to take action online and offline. But the organisations problem-solve and innovate together, sharing research, tools, and tactics that build their collective power. OPEN’s contributions to the Commons Library are the result of that sharing: from tips for getting in front of the media, to a collection of GetUp’s A/B tests to optimise email and webpage performance.

Shallow focus photograph of crowd taking live videos for social media

How campaigners are using Instagram

Instagram is a global phenomenon – yet too many campaigners don’t know how to use it. Start your Instagram journey here with accounts to follow, and ideas for its use.

A laptop computer on a table, with a screen displaying graphs

GetUp’s experiments and analytics

Digital campaigners know that the difference between a successful online action and a flop isn’t always in the issue, the strategy, or the content — sometimes, it can be in the colour of the button. And the only way to find out which factor makes the difference is through testing and experimentation. GetUp runs a […]

Screenshot of colourful HTML code on a black background

HTML Cheat-sheet

A useful cheat sheet to have to hand when using HTML to format text for email or web display.

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Principles for having a remote office

Some rules, principles and tips for how to successfully set up a remote office and have staff working in diverse locations around the nation (or the world!), synthesised from best practice around the OPEN Network.

Trees in a forest with question marks painted on their trunks

Exit interview questions

Exit interviews (the interviews you have with outgoing staff) are really important, but you only get as much out of them as you’re willing to put in. Here are some guiding principles, and questions to get the interview started.

A Slack workspace open on a laptop computer

Tips on using Slack

Slack is a great way to facilitate easy internal communication – but getting started can be confusing. This guide was collated by the OPEN Network, incorporating best practice from a number of organisations who’ve used Slack for years.

Close-up of a laptop displayed a data query in Structured Query Language

Structured Query Language (SQL) Cheat-Sheet

SQL can seem daunting for a non-techie, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re just setting up your first database, or learning the ropes of a well-established data set, this is a useful sheet of basics to print out and keep above your monitor for those times you feel stuck.

A crowd gathered in the evening, in the foreground a sign reads 'Shine a light on mental health'

10 tips from GetUp’s decade of campaigning

Sam Mclean was National Director of GetUp for three years, and he learned a lot about leadership and campaigns. Here are 10 pearls of wisdom he delivered at a presentation to Campact in 2015. 

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Template Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is a helpful contract that you can use when forming partnerships or data sharing agreements with other organisations. This is GetUp’s template.

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Template Talent Consent form

If you have people – whether actors or volunteers – featuring in your campaign content, it is best practice to cover all bases with clear permissions and expectations. This template Talent Consent Form does just that.

A phone sits on a table with the Facebook app open on the log-in page, next to scrabble tiles spelling out the words social media

How to make viral Facebook videos (with subtitles)

When it comes to Facebook, videos are now the main game. Making viral videos no longer requires an expensive production crew – all you need is a computer, an external hard drive, and a few Adobe programs.

A small group of people stand on the beach of a beautiful lake, wearing winter clothing

The Eight Fold Path

The “8-Fold Path” is a list of eight operating principles for building a progressive people’s movement in the 21st century. It is used by all the members of the OPEN Network, which includes organisations around the world like GetUp (Australia), MoveOn (United States), and Campact (Germany).