Direct action – Non violent NVDA

A painting of a human pyramid holding up the world. There are three levels of stick figure people standing on each other's shoulders. The top level has arms stretched up to hold the Earth. The people are painted different colours. The Earth is blue and green. The background is teal. It is a logo for the The Democracy Hub which has a wide range of nonviolent tools and resources for anti-authoritarian and pro-democracy organizing.

Democracy Resource Hub

The Democracy Hub has a wide range of nonviolent tools and resources for anti-authoritarian and pro-democracy organizing.

Text over image reads Organising a civil disobedience so that new people want to do it again: Lessons from Ende Gelande. Four people are sitting on the ground in white workers suits.

Organising Civil Disobedience for Newcomers

350.org shares valuable lessons on organizing civil disobedience for newcomers, emphasizing trust-building, narrative development, preparation for repression, affinity groups, and post-action debriefing.

Report cover - Title reads Hold the Line: A Guide to Defending Democracy. Each of us can play a role.

Hold the Line: A Guide to Defending Democracy

Learn what “red lines” needed to be held during the election, step-by-step information for organizing in your community, and lessons from the field of civil resistance that can be applied to make change on a range of issues.

Article image. Title reads Nonviolent Action and Pro-Democracy Struggles. Foreign Policy in Focus logo is in top right hand corner. Image is a close up of the work democracy in the dictionary. The work democracy is in red writing.

Nonviolent Action and Pro-Democracy Struggles

The main issue is that the US government’s “democracy promotion” agenda has provided repressive regimes with an excuse to label popular pro-democracy movements challenging them as foreign agents, even when led by independent grassroots nonviolent activists.

Book cover for Iron Will: Global Extractivism and Mining Resistance in Brazil and India

Mining Resistance in India

Community resistance has been astonishingly effective at stopping mining in India. This article draws from the book Iron Will.

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