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Degrowth as a Concept and Practice: Introduction

…Capitalism, London/Brooklyn: Verso. Liegey, V. and Nelson A. (2020) Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide, London: Pluto Press. Nelson, A. (2022) Beyond Money: A Postcapitalist Strategy, London: Pluto Press. Nelson, A….

a table of story archetypes worksheet

Mapping Story Archetypes

Instructions, worksheets, and an example to get you started mapping the movies, shows, books and entertainment your audiences consume, and how to match stories with the kinds of actions you…

The Social Change Agency Podcast

Introduction The Social Change Agency Podcast is a monthly podcast featuring inspiring change-makers. Every month we interview inspiring change-makers across the sector about movement building, community organising and social change….

Lost Voices: A toolkit for Digital Campaigners

Introduction This toolkit intends to help charities improve their digital campaigns by centering the voices of lived experience. Based on thorough research conducted by The Social Change Agency, this framework…

Network Building Canvas

Introduction Are you part of a peer network or network of practice, or do you aspire to set one up? Do you recognise the positive social impact you can have…

Photograph of the front of Australian Parliament House. The front paving shows a pattern that echoes Aboriginal artwork. The building is white with a flag spier and visible Australian flag blowing in the wind.

Understanding Parliamentary Committees

An introduction to Australian Parliamentary Committees and ways advocates can navigate and utilse them. About Parliamentary Committees Parliamentary committees investigate specific matters of policy or government administration. Committees research issues…

person using laptop

Tips for Policy Writing

Policy writing is a key part of the work of not-for-profit individuals and organisations. There are many forms a policy document can take. This may include letters, policy briefs and…

Citizen Generated Data: Toolkits and Guides

Citizen-generated data (CGD) is data produced by people and organizations to monitor or campaign for change on the issues that affect them. These toolkits and guides from CIVICUS will equip…

Cover of the Re:Imagining Change book featuring a picture of a light globe made up of several people.

Narrating Change During ‘Psychic Breaks’

The book Re:Imagining Change explores how culture, media, memes, and narrative intertwine with social change strategies, and offers practical methods to amplify progressive causes in the popular culture. The following…

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