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Coalition Building: Start Here

…the value of custom-fitting organising strategies to fit local contexts. Understanding roles and tensions in coalitions The Four Roles of Social Activism introduces Bill Moyer’s Four Roles of Social Activism:…

butterfly on flower at sunset with quote by Gandhi "Be the wish you wish to see in the world"

10 Great Resources on Activist Wellbeing

…individualised experience – but Bill Moyer’s Movement Action Plan, a framework for understanding social movements, factors in perception of failure, providing insights and hope for navigating the downs in movement…

protest signs at climate march

Why campaigns, not protests, get the goods

…to see how we can improve to step up our game. Campaigns are ongoing and therefore invite participants to play what strategist Bill Moyer called the four fundamental roles for…

A group of friends stand with arms around each other looking out across a valley.

Activist Support and Debriefing

…and unsatisfactory relationships with other activists. Bill Moyer highlights that many people adhere to a belief that they are powerless and that what they are doing is failing. They are…

a large mass of people walking down the street protesting and holding signs. One sign reads Thou shall not mess with women's reproductive rights.

Campaign Starter Pack

Introduction The ones who believe they can change the world are the ones who do. This Campaign Starter Pack from Campaign Bootcamp UK contains information, inspiration and activity sheets, based…

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