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Cover of Daniel Hunter's book 'Strategy & Soul'. Features a photograph of Daniel Hunter and fellow campaigner Jethro Heiko with the Philadelphia Town Hall in the background.

Strategy & Soul Insights

…to the insights of the author, Daniel Hunter, who never misses a teachable moment. So when the chance came to meet Daniel in Sydney and to hear more of his…

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Moving the rock: Shifting power for sustained change

…without CFP directly targeting them. Daniel wrote: “We don’t endorse politicians, politicians endorse us”. We talked with Daniel Hunter and he provided further insights around ‘moving the rock’: Campaigning that…

Large group of climate protesters at a climate rally holding various signs and placards. Text over the top of image reads: "Climate Activism: Start Here"

Climate Activism: Start Here

Daniel Hunter) Build People Power and Capacity to Run Effective Campaigns and Movements to Tackle the Climate Crisis ( Introduction to Campaigning and Social Movements (Online Courses) ( How to…

icon of a dart board with an arrow on the bullseye

Campaign Strategy: Start Here

…for future movements. Simultaneously, campaigns win solid victories for social justice. – Daniel Hunter Strategy is the art and practice of developing effective plans of action to achieve objectives and…

laptop and headphones outside in garden setting

Online Meeting Guides to Get Through COVID-19

…Facilitating online meetings – Daniel Hunter, Leading Groups Online: A down-and-dirty guide to leading online courses, meetings, trainings, and events during the coronavirus pandemic (Downloadable pdf booklet) – Jeanne…

a podcast cover with words that read Craft of Campaigns by Training for Change

The Craft of Campaigns: A Podcast for Organisers

…lives. Transcript E8: Daniel Hunter on never using the same tactic twice, undoing a “done deal” in Philadelphia In this episode we hear about how billionaire casino developers were…

A group of protestors, including people in wheelchairs, gather at a tram stop where a tram has stopped and people are getting on and off. Two people are holding a sign that reads 'Public Transport Should be for Everyone'.

Lessons from the Transport for All Campaign

…mind while you’re talking – Daniel Hunter, a US trainer and writer, talks about activating people’s social values. It’s about designing direct action so that people feel empowered by it,…

illustration of three fists in a row in different sizes. Text title reads Power and Power mapping

Power and Power Mapping: Start Here

Hunter, Strategy and Soul, p184. Moving the rock: Shifting power for sustained change This article explores the ‘moving the rock’ concept put forward by Daniel Hunter in his book Strategy…

Text over image reads Organising a civil disobedience so that new people want to do it again: Lessons from Ende Gelande. Four people are sitting on the ground in white workers suits.

Organising Civil Disobedience for Newcomers

…people emerged and wanted to do it again? These are a few lessons from a conversation with Olivia, Tine and Emma with Daniel Hunter facilitating. This lessons are shared as…

close up of man's hands gesturing in front of a laptop set up in table with woman in background

Facilitating online meetings

…about the experience (see Evaluations); Try to close a few minutes early—it creates a sense of abundance and energy to end the meeting a few minutes early.   Daniel Hunter

First slide from's Online Training Monster Manual slide deck. Includes picture of a purple monster with one large eye holding an open laptop computer.

Online Training Monster Manual

…and use it for non-commercial progressive/revolutionary social change. A note on credit: The content is created by Daniel Hunter but adapted from material from Leading Groups Online, Training for Change,…

A group of people stand on a bridge holding large letters spelling 'Global Goals'.

Tactics analysis

…Maximise/Minimise of each tactic (i.e. how to make the most of each tactic). Source: Adapted by Daniel Hunter, Training for Change from a design by Shari Silverstein, Quixote Centre….

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