Making Advocacy Accessible

Making Advocacy Accessible

The Making Advocacy Accessible project is a project run by the Commons Library with guidance from People With Disability Australia and the Council for Intellectual Disability. The Commons Library equips people to be active citizens, influence public policy and engage in political structures. Many people experience barriers to being active citizens due to difficulty accessing and understanding advocacy resources.

In this collection you will find Easy Read publications, guides to improving accessibility, and stories of campaigns led by people with disability.

Thank you to the State Trustees of Victoria for funding for this project.

A group of protestors, including people in wheelchairs, gather at a tram stop where a tram has stopped and people are getting on and off. Two people are holding a sign that reads 'Public Transport Should be for Everyone'.

Lessons from the Transport for All Campaign

The Transport for All campaign, coordinated by DRC Advocacy, is fighting for accessible public transport in Victoria, Australia. An interview with Ally Scott and Greg Ferrington about the campaign.

Four people with disabilities in a row. Two are wheelchair users. One man is holding a cane. One man is pointing up to the title which reads What is inclusive research?

What is Inclusive Research?

Guidelines, examples and tips to facilitate inclusive research practices and promote co-ownership of research with people with disability.

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