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Cover of Daniel Hunter's book 'Strategy & Soul'. Features a photograph of Daniel Hunter and fellow campaigner Jethro Heiko with the Philadelphia Town Hall in the background.

Strategy & Soul Insights

…with those who are strong in soul, and to be more open to the ‘wisdom style of strategy’ rather than thinking of strategy as a written document. There was also…

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Campaign Strategy: Start Here

…steps and handouts from Campaign Bootcamp UK to help you get started with your campaign planning. Campaign Strategy Templates Campaign Strategy Planning Template This planning template prompts you to apply…

illustration of three fists in a row in different sizes. Text title reads Power and Power mapping

Power and Power Mapping: Start Here

…Hunter, Strategy and Soul, p184. Moving the rock: Shifting power for sustained change This article explores the ‘moving the rock’ concept put forward by Daniel Hunter in his book Strategy

a podcast cover with words that read Craft of Campaigns by Training for Change

The Craft of Campaigns: A Podcast for Organisers

…For a description of each Casino-Free campaign you can read their direct action manual, and calendar of Operation Transparency actions. You can also check out Daniel’s book, Strategy and Soul….

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Organising: Start Here

…shaping the Twenty-First Century, Paul Engler and Mark Engler Strategy and Soul, Daniel Hunter Ground Wars: Personalized Communication in Political Campaigns, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen The Starfish and the Spider: The…

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