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Campaign Strategy: Start Here

…a number of different campaign strategy, community organising, and civil resistance concepts and tools. The Campaign Canvas From vision and strategy to storytelling and metrics, this template ensures you’ve touched…

Cover of Daniel Hunter's book 'Strategy & Soul'. Features a photograph of Daniel Hunter and fellow campaigner Jethro Heiko with the Philadelphia Town Hall in the background.

Strategy & Soul Insights

…from Daniel and to think more about the insights from his experience. For more, get yourself a copy of Daniel Hunter’s Strategy and Soul, and the companion Reader’s Guide. This…

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Power and Power Mapping: Start Here

…change they seek – and through their collective power and passionate vision of a better world, they create deep and sustainable change. The best way to eradicate inequality and injustice…

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A collection of nonviolence quotes

…involves the matching of forces and the waging of ‘battle,’ requires wise strategy and tactics and demands of its ‘soldiers’ courage, discipline and sacrifice. This view of nonviolent action as…

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Organising: Start Here

…is shaping the Twenty-First Century, Paul Engler and Mark Engler Strategy and Soul, Daniel Hunter Ground Wars: Personalized Communication in Political Campaigns, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen The Starfish and the Spider:…

Strikers walking along a rocky beach next to the water holding signs. One reads Equal rights for all workers.

Defending Unionism: The Weipa Dispute, 1995

Introduction During the 1980s and 1990s a series of campaigns saw workers fight back against attacks on their wages and conditions, jobs, unions and rights in Australia. Occurring in the…

Photograph of hand drawn letters in blue and black on a white background. The word is 'Change'.

Exploring Roles in Social Change Movements

…of relationships and building alternative institutions, and can be viewed as utopian and on the fringes (or forefront!) of society. It can sometimes seem like Citizens and Change Agents are…

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