Campaign Bootcamp

Campaign Bootcamp

Campaign Bootcamp was a UK-based charity that gave people the skills, confidence and community to run powerful campaigns. The organisation, which closed in March 2022, ran campaigning trainings for marginalised activists and communities.

This collection of resources charts some of the legacy of Campaign Bootcamp, including parts of their training methodology, content and approach. The resources are free, for anyone to use and adapt. Please note that they are not a complete collection and may be out of date.

The Power Matrix

This matrix presents how different dimensions of power interact to shape the problem and the possibility of citizen participation and action.

The Power Cube

The Power Cube is a tool to analyse the power your targets hold so you can create a more effective campaign strategy and bring about change.

a large mass of people walking down the street protesting and holding signs. One sign reads Thou shall not mess with women's reproductive rights.

Campaign Starter Pack

This Campaign Starter Pack from Campaign Bootcamp UK contains information, inspiration and activity sheets, based on the experience and knowledge of people who have fought for change.

4 handouts by Campaign Bootcamp

Campaign Planning: How to Get Started

What is a campaign? and how do you start one? Here are ideas, steps and handouts from Campaign Bootcamp to help you get started with your campaign planning.

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