The Commons Library is a gift to the world. I’m just delighted that the Commons Library exists, that it has been so carefully curated over the years, and that it continues to be a free resource for activists all over the globe. – Daniel Hunter, Global Training Lead at

The Commons Social Change Library exists to make social movements smarter and stronger. The Commons is an online library for the change makers of the world and for those interested in social change, activism, advocacy and justice. We support the power and effectiveness of progressive social change efforts by collecting campaigning best practice from Australia and around the world.

After earlier iterations of the library the Commons Social Change Library launched in its current form in April 2019. Consultation with social movement stakeholders informed the design of the site and the broad array of content gathered.

The Commons quickly became the ‘go-to portal’ for people engaged in social change.

Since 2019 the Commons has grown significantly and our role has expanded. In addition to maintaining the public online library the Commons team:

  • Engages in rapid response resource development and curation to respond to crucial ‘movement moments’.
  • Shares social movement history to inspire and inform future action.
  • Amplifies the impact of conferences by making resources available to a larger audience for the longer term.
  • Provides customised services to organisations and networks engaged in social change activities.
  • Develops and implements projects to address key needs.

What the Commons has Achieved in 5 Years gives a snapshot of some of our work. To find out more contact Holly Hammond, Director of the Commons Social Change Library.

I’m delighted to be congratulating the Commons Social Change Library on five years of its amazing work. Before the Commons existed, I often reflected in frustration that there was so much collective knowledge in the sector held by campaigners and organisers with lots of experience, but very few people had the time to document or share that information, and no easy way for people to find that. The Commons Library changed all that. – Anita Tang, Community Organising Director, Australian Progress

Want to sustain the Commons for the long term? Support our core funding appeal, sign your organisation up as a supporter, join the Commons Community.

Keen to join the birthday celebrations? Buy tickets to our Naarm/Melbourne trivia night, purchase a special pack of art and inspiration (Australian shipping or international shipping) and sign the birthday card!

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