Plan to Thrive

Plan to Thrive

Plan to Thrive was a project which supported and promoted the health and wellbeing of people and groups engaged in working for social and ecological justice.

Plan to Thrive challenged activist cultures and identities which emphasised stoicism, isolation and joylessness. Burn-out is not inevitable and it’s possible to live happy and healthy lives while working to change the world.

Plan to Thrive was a shared blog and workshop series which is no longer operating. Some of the most popular articles from the project are gathered in the Commons Library.

A diagram of the eight stages of social movements

Surviving the ups and downs of social movements

We tend to talk about activist burnout as an individualised experience – but the Movement Action Plan, a framework for understanding social movements, factors in perception of failure, providing insights and hope for navigating the downs in movement life.

Several pairs of earrings featuring #StopAdani in the shape of a pentagon with a triangle at the bottom

What motivates us to engage in activism

The Plan to Thrive Activist Health & Wellbeing Survey asked ‘what motivates you to engage in activism’? A summary of the survey revealed 8 commons themes.

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