Kenzie Harris

Faire face au roulement des membres (French)

Guide élaboré pour fournir aux groupes militants des idées et des stratégies pour faire face au roulement des membres, en particulier dans le cas des groupes dirigés par des étudiants.

Blackboard with title - Making your activism accessible. Below the heading are two icons - one is a person in a wheelchair and the other are two hands doing sign language. A logo between the icons reads Global Grassroots Support Network

Making Your Activism Accessible

This guide was developed to support activists in making their spaces, events, meetings and communications more accessible, in order to ensure that everyone is welcome and encouraged to join a movement for justice in whatever way they can!

an illustration of an astronaut holding a flag

Campaign Communications Course

A course for grassroot groups to understand the basics of public communications for building a convincing, winning campaign.

Blackboard with the heading Entablando un activismo accesible. Two icons at the bottom and a logo HUB. One icon is a wheelchair user and the other is two hands doing sign language.

Entablando un activismo accesible

A Guide in Spanish to support activists in making their spaces more accessible, to ensure everyone is welcome & encouraged to join movements.

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