Title reads 'Protest Camps: Case Studies'. Title overlays a blue filtered image of a tents part of a protest camp on a lawn at night with a street light and building on the right.

Protest Camps: Case Studies

Links to case studies, articles, books and other resources which describe past protest camps and in some cases share valuable lessons.

Coalition Building: Start Here

A guide to Coalition Building resources in the Commons Social Change Library including frameworks, training sessions, podcasts, and case studies.

A group of protestors, including people in wheelchairs, gather at a tram stop where a tram has stopped and people are getting on and off. Two people are holding a sign that reads 'Public Transport Should be for Everyone'.

Lessons from the Transport for All Campaign

The Transport for All campaign, coordinated by DRC Advocacy, is fighting for accessible public transport in Victoria, Australia. An interview with Ally Scott and Greg Ferrington about the campaign.

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