Text on blackboard reads Make your activism accessible. two icons - one is a wheelchair user and the other is two hands signing.

Making your Activism Accessible

This guide was developed to support activists in making their spaces, events, meetings and communications more accessible, in order to ensure that everyone is welcome and encouraged to join a movement for justice in whatever way they can!

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The Shape of Organising Models

Organising Models Mapping Project survey results including images conveying how different organisations structure their organising model.

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People Within Organising Models

Results of the Organising Models Mapping Project survey focused on how people gather to take collective action as part of organising programs.

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Street Medic Pro-Tips: Medical and First Aid Support at Protests and Direct Actions

Introduction Street medicine has its origins in the civil rights movements in the US in the late 1960s. Over the years Street Medics have evolved into an¬†international informal community of people who provide medical and first aid support at protests and direct actions. The Melbourne Street Medic Collective (formerly MelbFACT) came together through the Occupy […]

Against Fascism and War: Pig Iron Bob and the Dalfram Dispute, Port Kembla 1938

Introduction In solidarity with countries suffering under fascism and militarism, waterside workers and other unionists began placing industrial bans on war materials to overseas regimes including Japan, Germany and Spain during the 1930s. Following the declaration of a national ban by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) on such supplies to Japan the first […]

Two protestors have chained themselves to the railway line.

Frontline Action on Coal FLAC: Ten Years on the Climate Frontline

Introduction Since 2012 Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) have regularly opposed new fossil fuel projects in Australia through the use of blockades and other means of non-violent direct action. In the process they have trained and involved thousands of people from all walks of life in creative and disruptive tactics. In this retrospective Andy Paine […]

Tips for Designing Infographics

A brief webinar by Commons Librarian volunteer sharing tips for designing infographics for social media and training purposes.

The Learning Zone Model

The Learning Zone Model offers three stages we often move through when we are learning something new. Understand how to learn successfully.

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