A painting of a human pyramid holding up the world. There are three levels of stick figure people standing on each other's shoulders. The top level has arms stretched up to hold the Earth. The people are painted different colours. The Earth is blue and green. The background is teal. It is a logo for the The Democracy Hub which has a wide range of nonviolent tools and resources for anti-authoritarian and pro-democracy organizing.

Democracy Resource Hub

The Democracy Hub has a wide range of nonviolent tools and resources for anti-authoritarian and pro-democracy organizing.

Presentation slide cover. Text in speech bubble reads '#WhenWeLose: How healthy campaigns respond in the face of bad news'.

How Healthy Campaigns Respond in the Face of Bad News

Introduction Examples – from and beyond – about ways people handled campaign losses in healthy, soul-giving, and strategic ways. The examples are from the following campaigns: Sweden and Brown Coal / Lignite US Immigrant Rights Canada’s Keystone 1 This presentation is shared as part of the Organising Story-telling Lab, a collection of different case studies […]

Text over image reads Organising a civil disobedience so that new people want to do it again: Lessons from Ende Gelande. Four people are sitting on the ground in white workers suits.

Organising Civil Disobedience for Newcomers shares valuable lessons on organizing civil disobedience for newcomers, emphasizing trust-building, narrative development, preparation for repression, affinity groups, and post-action debriefing.

icon of a dart board with an arrow on the bullseye

Campaign Strategy: Start Here

Looking to start a campaign or improve your campaign strategy? Here is a list of manuals, templates, tools and other resources to get you started.

Chalk drawing on background showing two hands shaking.

Lobbying and Advocacy: Start Here

Welcome to the Lobbying & Advocacy topic in the Commons Social Change Library. This article guides you through a wide range of materials to inform the public in relation to lobbying, advocacy and policy-making. 

woman in protest carrying a sign saying #enough

Digital Campaigning: Start Here

Digital campaigning leverages technology to create change through emails, petitions, and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. Here is a list of resources to get you started.

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