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A poster with details of an event at which Marisa Holmes spoke in 2024.

Lessons from Occupy Wall Street

Listen to an interview with Marisa Holmes about her experiences of the Occupy Wall Street moment in terms of what worked, and what didn’t, as well as lessons to be drawn for the future.

Planning a Global Week of Action

Lessons learned from the Global Week of Action in 2024 calling on the insurance industry to end their role in driving the climate crisis.

Aerial view of protestors walking down street next to river with a boat. The protestors are holding a long, large Palestinian flag above their heads.

How to Map a Movement

Learn how to map a movement to help understand the landscape, the other players, what’s missing, what’s most needed, and where things like power imbalances and conflicts are causing problems.

A protest on the grass. There are blow up Kiwi birds scattered across the lawn and a large banner in the background with text "Kiwi Not Coal, Save Happy Valley, savehappyvalley.org.nz".

What to do when we ‘Lose’

Some important lessons on dealing with loss from a recent generation-defining struggle in New Zealand: the Save Happy Valley Campaign.

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