Welcome to the Commons online social change library.

Take some time to browse the library’s virtual shelves. Get acquainted with the topic areas and collections. Visit whenever you find yourself needing a resource to strengthen your social change work, or just some inspiration. Ask a Librarian if you have trouble finding what you’re after.

The Commons contains hundreds of resources including articles, manuals, training materials, practical tips, podcasts and videos.

The Commons will continue to grow: that’s where you come in!

We welcome your contributions. They could be insights you’ve had about working for social change, book reviews, templates you use in your organisation’s planning or procedures, recordings of events or many other things. Just get in touch with your ideas.

If you notice a gap that needs filling let us know. The Commons Librarians will research areas of need which might mean tracking down pre-existing resources from around the world or popping up on social media to crowdsource tips.

Now the doors are open there is scope for the Commons to:

  • gather content from social movement conferences
  • curate guided journeys of resources relevant to key social change roles
  • source specialist resources by and for marginalised communities
  • source campaign case studies
  • advise on knowledge management and campaign archiving

Get in touch if you would like to partner with the Commons on these or other projects.

As the name suggests the Commons is a collective project, gathering shared resources for social benefit. Please share widely in the interests of effective action for social and ecological justice.

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