The Commons Library is running a series of online training sessions to help people create activist resources and learning materials. The sessions are free and open to anyone involved in social change who wants to develop these skills. The training sessions are made possible by funding from the John T Reid Foundation. We especially invite participation from First Nations people, people of colour, people with lived experience seeking asylum, and people with disability.

Register for Commons Library Skills Sessions. Details for joining on Zoom will be shared in the lead up to each session.

How to Write a Book Review 

Wednesday 27 July 7-8pm AEST

Have you read an interesting book other activists could learn from… or do you need motivation to read a book and share its insights? Join frequent book reviewer Joel Dignam for an engaging session full of tips to get you reflecting and writing.

How to Conduct Interviews 

Wednesday 24 August 24 7-8pm AEST

Whether they’re providing information for an article, or content for podcasts and standalone transcripts, interviews offer a great opportunity to probe topics deeply and capture the voice and thoughts of campaigners, researchers and others. In this session Commons Librarian Iain McIntyre will chat with Nicky Stott, long-time Earthmatters producer and Community Radio 3CR trainer, about their experiences with conducting and producing entertaining and informative interviews in text and audio formats.

How to Make Infographics 

Wednesday 28 September 7-8pm AEST

A picture is worth a thousand words! Presenting information visually can make it more engaging and accessible. Sophie Hartley, Commons volunteer, will share tips for making infographics in Canva for social media and training purposes. 

How to Write a Campaign Case Study 

Wednesday 19 October 7-8pm AEST

Case studies are histories and accounts of campaigns and events which often include lessons and insights that can be applied more broadly. At their best they provide inspiration while helping us to hone in on the finer points of activism. In this session Commons Librarian Iain McIntyre will provide tips for writing case studies that provide campaigners with opportunities to learn from their peers and the past.

How to Report on Conferences and Other Events 

Wednesday 23 November 7-8pm AEDT

Conferences, talks, panels and other events regularly gather together people to share individual and movement knowledge regarding ways to create social change. This session will focus on skills related to documenting such events so that learnings can be shared beyond the event.   

Register for Commons Library Skills Sessions. If you have any queries contact the Librarians.

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