Dear Commons Supporters

We’re living in a time of great challenge – the future is in the balance. Only people power can win the changes necessary for social justice and a safer climate.

There’s never been a more important time to invest in the power of social movements. People working for a just future need access to skills and information to act effectively.

The Commons exists to help social movements be stronger and smarter. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve delivered in the last year:

  • Gathering resources from many respected sources in one well organised and free of charge place saving time and stress for busy activists
  • Handy summaries of key topics including Digital Campaigning, Organising, Creative Activism, Nonviolent Direct Action and Wellbeing
  • Sourcing articles and presentations from important events like Progress 2019 and FWD+Organise
  • Responding to crisis situations by rapidly distributing resources relevant to the 2020 bushfires and pandemic
  • Convening the Reset Reading Group to engage thousands of people with ideas for a just future

We need your support to keep building the Commons for the benefit of all.

Whatever issues you are most passionate about, supporting the Commons puts tools and resources into the hands of people working on those issues. The Commons is a lean operation so all donations make a big difference with many ripples.

Your donations will enable the Commons to:

  • build the library’s collection and reach, putting information and skills in the hands of people working for social and ecological justice around Australia and the world
  • develop a volunteer program with training in crucial social movement skills
  • roll out the next phase of the Reset Reading Group project.

Donate to the Commons Library today.

Monthly donors make more possible! Commons supporters have signed up to donate from $5 to $50 per month.

If you sign up as a monthly donor you’ll receive the Reset Reading Group Companion Guide, a collection of inspiring ideas for a just future.

If you donate over $40 per month you’ll receive one of three highly recommended Australian books about social change. Choose from The Activists Handbook; In the Tigers Mouth: An Empowerment Guide for Social Action; or How to Make Trouble and Influence People (book choice subject to availability).

Towards a better world,

Holly Hammond, Director

P.S. The Commons has DGR status so donations are tax deductible.


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