Find out about recent achievements and future priorities of the Commons Library in our 2020-21 Annual Report.

Message from The Director

The year that started in July 2020 and ended in June 2021: What better timing could there be for the Commons Social Change Library to come into its potential? With the world in turmoil it turned out that an online library free to access from anywhere was the right offering at the right time.

Visitors to the Commons Library skyrocketed in this timeframe. Visitors sought out guides to online meetings, tactical innovations to fit with social distancing, and ideas for a just future beyond the pandemic. They sought inspiration from past stories of success and resistance, from legendary leaders and people just like them.

The Commons team continued to curate resources, constantly looking for ways to make the vast variety of social change skills and knowledge accessible. The staff effort was complemented by a crew of keen volunteers, each bringing their talents and ideas.

We have increasingly heard feedback that the Commons is a vital piece of social movement infrastructure, embedded in the practices of many committed individuals and purpose-led organisations.

People working for social change are smarter and stronger together – especially when there are skilled librarians available to gather and sort through all that collective wisdom.

As the Commons grows and evolves we are defining more and more the role of ‘social movement librarians’ and demonstrating the difference that role can make.

This Annual Report will give you a taste of our work. Of course, you are always welcome to browse the Commons Library virtual bookshelves, or reach out to your friendly librarians for recommendations and advice.

Warm appreciation to the Commons Library staff team, volunteers, consultants, Board, funders, donors, project partners, contributors, everyone who passed on resources, and everyone who visited. Here’s to all we can achieve for a better world.

Holly Hammond


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  • 2021 – 2022 Priorities
  • Financial Summary


2020-21 Commons Library Annual Report

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