Community Organising Fellowship

Community Organising Fellowship

The mission of the Community Organising Fellowship is to build the power of our movements by training and mentoring a network of highly-skilled community organisers and campaigners in Australia. Each year 25 participants go on a 6-month learning journey with COF that equips them to activate and mobilise communities around shared values to win targeted and strategic campaigns.

The Learning Zone Model

The Learning Zone Model offers three stages we often move through when we are learning something new. Understand how to learn successfully.

close of hand with a red pencil ticking a check box on a form

Engaging in Elections and Building Community Power

Max Smith, co-director of the Community Organising Fellowship, reviews the Tools for Radical Democracy guide to electoral organising, and draws out some key considerations for deciding whether or how to engage in elections.

Three participants in a Community Organising Fellowship talk together. They hold folders and the room includes a whiteboard and training charts.

Community Organising Leadership in Uncertain Times

Max Smith, co-director of the Community Organising Fellowship, outlines his thoughts on the practice of leadership for community organisers, and what it’s like to practice leadership during uncertain times created by the pandemic.

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