Book cover reading United We Stand: Class Struggle in Colonial Australia with an image of unionists marching.

Rebels In The Workforce: Women Worker’s Resistance in the Nineteenth Century

Tom O’ Lincoln’s 2005 book United We Stand: Class Struggle in Colonial Australia chronicles the development of capitalism following invasion and the rise of unions and other organisations in response. The following excerpt from a 2024 edition published by Interventions discuss women’s resistance to workplace exploitation during a period of rapid industrialisation.

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Writing to your MP

Tips from Oxfam about how to write a letter that will have maximum impact on a Member of Parliament.

Labor Power and Strategy: How to Read Womack

The 2023 book Labour Power and Strategy, edited by Peter Olney and Glenn Perušek, is centred around a lengthy interview with labour organiser and historian John Womack Jr in which he argues for the importance of ‘strategic workplace organising’

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