Digital Campaigning

Digital Campaigning

Digital campaigning leverages technology to create change, whether through emails and petitions or platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. The resources here will help you finesse your mobilising strategy, broaden your engagement across platforms, and think critically about how to measure your success.

Illustration of a person in a suit standing at a podium. Their head is replaced by a heart. In one hand they are holding a fake head with a circuit computer brain and in the other hand they are holding a fake head used in the past by scientists to study phrenology.

Digital Campaigning in Europe: A Series of Articles

This series of articles from the European Center for Digital Action explores the evolving use of digital tools and strategies in political and social campaigns across Europe, covering case studies, technological impacts, democratic implications, and ethical considerations.

Screenshot of Digital Tools Assessment template. It has text and columns to fill out.

Digital Tools Assessment Template

Handy template to assess the digital tools currently in your organization or campaign toolbox and how those tools can be leveraged to build or deepen capacities.

Cover of manual. Text reads 'Introduction to Digital Organizing'.

Introduction to Digital Organizing

A primer designed by re:power to help you understand how to best use digital organizing strategies and tactics to strengthen your electoral and advocacy organizing work.

Online Tactics: Digital Storms

A Digital Storm is an online event mobilising the public to email, call, text and post comments to a corporate or government target.

Heading text reads What problem are you facing? Underneath are 9 icons in white circles. Each icon represents a different problem.

Digital First Aid Kit

Guide to help activists better protect themselves and the communities they support against the most common types of digital emergencies.

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