Strikes and lockouts

Book cover reading United We Stand: Class Struggle in Colonial Australia with an image of unionists marching.

Rebels In The Workforce: Women Worker’s Resistance in the Nineteenth Century

Tom O’ Lincoln’s 2005 book United We Stand: Class Struggle in Colonial Australia chronicles the development of capitalism following invasion and the rise of unions and other organisations in response. The following excerpt from a 2024 edition published by Interventions discuss women’s resistance to workplace exploitation during a period of rapid industrialisation.

sign with arrows says strike

Strikes Resource Guide

Five books, five articles and five videos on strikes by Bright Green Independent Media for Radical, Democratic and Green Movements. 

Online Picket Line Guide

Do you want to know how to run an online picket line? Here is a guide from the Victorian Trades Hall Council who ran the world’s 1st online picket line in March 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic to launch digital actions for the campaign for #WageSubsidyForAll.

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