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A cartoon of an abstract scientific scene, tended by two figures. There are three funnels like in a laboratory, one of which is labelled with the Twitter icon, the second with a Facebook icon, the third an email icon. All funnels lead down to a results console.

Beyond Vanity Metrics: toward better measurement of member engagement

Metrics should help you improve how you invest in and plan campaigns.

Metrics should help you improve how you invest in and plan campaigns. But while “vanity metrics” such as list size or pageviews sound big and impressive, they can be misleading. This report offers new approaches to measuring member engagement.

A large crowd marching behind a banner saying: We march with Selma!

Building 21st Century Movements

Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, Founder and former Executive Director of SumofUs, at Progress 2015 with a series of movement case studies challenging us to be technological innovators and to bring our social change work to the cutting edge of the current century.

Close-up of a laptop displayed a data query in Structured Query Language

Structured Query Language (SQL) Cheat-Sheet

SQL can seem daunting for a non-techie, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re just setting up your first database, or learning the ropes of a well-established data set, this is a useful sheet of basics to print out and keep above your monitor for those times you feel stuck.