Campaigns that Changed Australia (Commons Project)

Campaigns that Changed Tasmania

A collection of campaigns that changed Tasmania e.g. Franklin River, gay law reform, forest blockading, No Gas Across the Bass.

Campaigns that Changed South Australia

Introduction South Australia is the only Australian colony that was not settled as a penal colony by the British. It was established as a ‘free settlement’ in 1836. Commentators have pointed to this difference as a factor in South Australia’s political culture. Of course, it’s important to note that the settlement of South Australia was […]

Campaigns that Changed Western Australia

Introduction Western Australia is Australia’s largest state and Boorloo Perth is one of the world’s most isolated major cities. The WA activist community is collaborative and innovative, perhaps in part due to population size and the distance from other cities. This overview provides snapshots of some of the campaigns that had an impact, both historically […]

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