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What’s New in the Commons Library

…Guide The History of Campaigns in Australia by People With Disability People With Disability Australian Protest Timeline Australian Radio Shows by and for People with Disability TED talks on Disability…

Justice, Diversity & Inclusion: Start Here

…Intersectionality: an analytic concept that emerged within the context of Black Feminist legal activism, as explained in Kimberlé Crenshaw’s TED talk The Urgency of Intersectionality Consciousness-raising: a concept for a…

Mug sitting on laptop that says 'Not all super heroes wear capes'

Activist Inspiration and Learning in Lockdown

…Freedom Rides, Goolengook forest blockade and more – an amazing list of docos put together by Galilee Rising. Get watching! TED Talks on activism and social movements Now is that…

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Digital Campaigning: Start Here

…Online Organising Courses with Social Movement Technologies TED talk: How to Start a Social Movement | Tamara Richardson | TEDxUQ Changemaker Chat with Jeremy Heimans TED talk: What new power…

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Organising: Start Here

…for Trainers about Organizing, Narrative, Campaign and Movement Building Tired of Reading? Listen and Watch TED talk: The Power of Organizing: Betsy Hoover at TEDxDePaulU TED talk: Community organizing, say…

a collage of covers of films about women and social change

Films about Women and Social Justice and Change

…real women: mothers, daughters, sisters, everyday revolutionaries, who often paid immense personal costs fighting for our right to live equally under the law.” TED Talks on activism and social movements…

Report cover - Title reads 'A Community Guide for Opposing Hate'. close up of people in a group holding hands. The people are of different ethnicities.

A Community Guide for Opposing Hate

…Norms Lessons for resisting police violence and building a strong racial justice movement Dealing with Far-Right Interventions in Left-Wing and Progressive Movements TED talk: Courage is contagious Fighting online racist…

Toolkit cover page - Title reads 'Climate Justice needs an Intersectional Approach Toolkit'. The Youth and Environment Movement YEE is at the top. There are grey and aqua bubbles.

Climate Justice needs an Intersectional Approach: Toolkit

…the climate crisis. Enhancing international cooperation and knowledge-sharing among our members. Strengthening the participation of youth in environmental and climate decision-making processes. Explore Further Youth and Environment Europe YEE TED

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