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A diagram of the eight stages of social movements

Bill Moyer’s Movement Action Plan

A summary of Bill Moyer’s Movement Action Plan. He describes eight stages through which social movements normally progress over a period of years and decades. It provides organizers with a…

The Four Roles of Social Activism by Bill Moyer

Introduction Bill Moyer’s Movement Action Plan defines stages and roles in social movements. The following excerpt from Doing Democracy: The MAP Model for Organizing Social Movements introduces the crucial four…

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Campaign Strategy: Start Here

…Academy Manual for Activists (Midwest Academy) This manual is available via the Internet Archive website. Sign up for free to borrow. Other Strategic Models and Approaches Bill Moyer’s Movement Action…

Cover of Tim Gee's book 'Counter Power: Making Change Happen'

Frameworks for Winning Change

…I see the good folks from Training for Change have already put together information on three models, by Martin Luther King, Jr, George Lakey, and Bill Moyer. To these three…

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The People Power Manual: Campaign Strategy Guide

…Jr’s six stage campaign planning framework………..116 Handout | Four roles in successful social movements (Bill Moyer 1990)………….117 Handout | Eight Stages of Social Movement Success (Bill Moyer 1990)…………….118 Process Guide…

A diagram of the eight stages of social movements

Surviving the ups and downs of social movements

We tend to talk about activist burnout as an individualised experience – but Bill Moyer saw patterns in widespread discouragement in social movements. His model for understanding social change, the…

Digital portrait of Alice Wong, an Asian person smiling. She is wearing a trach at her neck and wearing a crew neck blouse. She is sitting in her power wheelchair. There is a cream colored circle crown on a purple background. Artist credit: Jen White-Johnson

Disability Visibility: Stories and Podcasts

…in Crip The Vote, an online movement encouraging the political participation of disabled people. This episode was recorded late July 2017, days after the GOP healthcare bill died in the…

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