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Text reads "How To: Dealing with Disinformation'. Blueprints for Change logo is centre bottom. On either side of logo are two icons. One is of a mobile phone with speech bubbles that says fake news. The other one is a person standing with speech bubbles with x in them and the box they are standing on has a tick.

How To: Dealing with Disinformation

This guide deals with the issues faced by ordinary campaigners, activists and organizations challenged by disinformation in their day-to-day efforts to make progressive change.

Democracy Resource Hub logo. Text reads 'Democracy Resource Hub' in white capital letters on turquoise background. Illustration of people in different colours standing on each others shoulders in a pyramid formation holding up the world. The illustration is by Veronika Belcheva (CC-BY-NC-SA)

Democracy Resource Hub

The Democracy Hub has a wide range of nonviolent tools and resources for anti-authoritarian and pro-democracy organizing.

Title reads 'A Tactic Typology'. A table with four columns. The text in the table can be read at

A Tactic Typology

A Tactic Typology presented in a table by Daniel Hunter from Training for Change. The categories are Symbolic Protest, Noncooperation (economic and political) and Alternative Cooperation.

Guide Cover - Text reads 'Working with Conflict in our Groups: A Guide for Grassroots Activists'. An illustration of a top down point of view of people sitting gathered around a table.

Working with Conflict in our Groups: A Guide for Grassroots Activists

This guide is aimed at people and groups working for social change who want to develop an understanding of conflict and how to deal with it. There are sections on what conflict is, the benefits of addressing it, and tools to work though conflict and maintain healthy and effective social change groups.

Changemakers’ Toolkit

Welcome to the Changemakers’ Toolkit – a training resource for campaigners, activists, and changemakers of all kinds.

The Power of Story: The Story of Self, Us and Now

Learn all about the power of story and how to tell a story to inspire, make change and motivate action using a framework developed by Harvard Professor Marshall Ganz called “Public Narrative” that revolves around three elements – a Story of Self, Us, and Now.

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