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Blueprints for Change

Blueprints for Change

Blueprints for Change is an open library of advocacy how-to’s put together by campaign innovators in order to help progressive organizers and groups up their game more quickly. The “blueprints” capture, communicate and inform innovative campaigning strategies and tactics. They are co-created and peer-reviewed by practitioners, organisers, and researchers who have experience bringing this work to life.

What makes this collection unique is they are drawn from campaigning practices that are emergent (new and not yet fully documented), currently in demand by campaigning groups and are field-proven (have been applied with success in prior campaigns). To reflect the spirit of constant learning and adaptation in the sector, these models are written up as fluid drafts (google doc format) so they can be updated over time.

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How to Draft: A/B Testing for Sendouts

A/B testing involves testing campaign communications online with your supporters. Most of the guide focuses on testing email communications, but you can also test web page formats and social media responses.

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How to: Volunteer-led phone banking

Volunteer-led phone banking How to Guide from Blueprints for Change. Learn all the ins and outs of phone banking – theoretical and practical.

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How to: Texting Campaigns

How to guide from Blueprints for Change about how use peer to peer texting (P2P) to deliver calls of action – includes best practice and case studies.