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Text reads "How To: Dealing with Disinformation'. Blueprints for Change logo is centre bottom. On either side of logo are two icons. One is of a mobile phone with speech bubbles that says fake news. The other one is a person standing with speech bubbles with x in them and the box they are standing on has a tick.

How To: Dealing with Disinformation

This guide deals with the issues faced by ordinary campaigners, activists and organizations challenged by disinformation in their day-to-day efforts to make progressive change.

hand pointing with arrows heading off in different directions (symbolic of distribution)

Distributed Organizing Guide

This How to guide on Distributed Organizing shows you how to unlock significant amounts of power among a group or campaign’s supporter base.

Close up photograph of four people gripping hands to wrists forming a solid square.

How to Build Networked Coalitions

How-to guide on networked coalitions/campaigns. Harness the power of networks to develop more agile, dynamic and distributed campaigning coalitions.

mobile phone with whatsapp icon

How to use WhatsApp for campaigning

WhatsApp How to Guide from Blueprints for Change. Use WhatsApp for campaigning, community building, activating networks and crowdsourcing knowledge.

3 people in office on computers

Volunteer-led Phone Banking Guide

Volunteer-led phone banking How to Guide from Blueprints for Change. Learn all the ins and outs of phone banking – theoretical and practical.

close up of hand and mobile phone

Texting campaigns guide

How to guide from Blueprints for Change about how use peer to peer texting (P2P) to deliver calls of action – includes best practice and case studies.

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